Crisis Management Planning for Meetings and Events

Simply having a Crisis Plan may not be enough. 

Organizing an event such as an industry conference or company-wide meeting means anticipating any possible contingency. This includes creating a crisis management plan in case something goes wrong. And also having the most efficient deployment possible for that plan.

Prepare Your Meetings & Events with Event-Aware.

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Access Your Event Crisis Management Plan On the Go

Simply having a plan in place may not be enough, however. Will you be able to act on it? In the event of a crisis, will you be able to access key information and respond to the incident in a timely manner?

This is where Event-Aware from Attainium can help. This combination of mobile app and web portal is designed to put all the most important crisis management and response tools in the palm of your hand. Whatever action circumstances demand, the multi-functional Event-Aware app can assist you.

Ready for an actionable Event Crisis Response Plan available on your team's mobile devices?

How it Works

Every meeting or conference merits its own event crisis management plan. Attainium’s staff reach out and learn the details of your event, turning the results into a comprehensive and actionable plan.

That plan then becomes accessible to the appropriate staff members through the easy-to-use Event-Aware mobile app, downloadable on iOS or Android devices. Organizers determine exactly who has access to each event plan, and included staff can change between each event.

With a convenient design that won't confuse users, even in the midst of a crisis, this app connects your on-site meeting team to critical guidance regarding communications, venue services, and emergency response procedures.

New and updated versions of the event plans are automatically downloaded every time the app launches. The app doesn't have to be online for users to use the plans they've downloaded, meaning it is useful even in areas without a cell signal.

App Features

The Event-Aware app's home screen uses clear icons to allow users to:

  • Access lists of event schedules, staff, and agenda details.
  • View venue information and contact lists.
  • See details about lodging and transportation.
  • Learn instantly the addresses and contact information of the nearest hospitals, urgent care centers, pharmacies, and airports.
  • Read the event and venue-specific evacuation plan.
  • Browse detailed contact lists for company staff, venue staff, local contacts, vendor representatives, relevant attendees, exhibitors, and event volunteers.
  • Submit incident reports using text and image files.
  • Follow predetermined response procedures for incidents like:
    • Medical issues.
    • People with disabilities during emergencies.
    • Weather emergencies.
    • Power outages.
    • Fire or explosion.
    • Violent crimes such as shootings.
    • Large-scale civil disturbance.
    • Missing or kidnapped attendee.

Users can also add additional incident response procedures, and every one of the responses can be customized and modified. No matter the parameters of the event taking place, Event-Aware can suit organizers' unique requirements.

More Than An App

Event-Aware is more than an app and an online portal. In addition to these indispensable and convenient mobile response tools, event managers get support from a dedicated team that will ensure they have the right plans and procedures to suit any crisis, any time.

From one event to the next, the Event-Aware staff will use your event’s information along with industry best practices resulting in a tailored and actionable mobile-based plan. The event crisis management plan for your first event becomes a template for future meetings, altered to suit new details like venue and locale.

Launching an event without a crisis management plan could end in trouble, as an unclear or delayed response to an emergency or disaster may simply cause further problems. Event organizers can set themselves up for success by making crisis management & response as easy and intuitive as possible. That's the power of Event-Aware from Attainium.

Attainium's Knowledge and Expertise

The success of a plan is measured by how well the staff understands it and how effective the plan is when it actually needs to be used. Event-Aware will guide your team's crisis response efforts in case of a crisis. This is accomplished by putting your meeting/event's crisis management plan right where it can be used -- at the fingertips of your on-site staff.

Event-Aware leverages Attainium's vast knowledge and expertise by integrating a crisis management plan for your meeting/event with a feature-rich mobile app. This is the crisis management plan that your on-site staff will actually use. Contact us today.

Ready for an actionable Event Crisis Response Plan available on your team's mobile devices?